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a true Caribbean Dream Vacation with V.I.P. lifestyle amenities for your family, friends and group travel.

Why Book With Us?


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The CEO/Managing Director of Crown Dream Holidays LLC (Dr Pedro A. Arrindell) is a Silver Member of UVC which is attached to AM RESORTS and therefore capable of giving clients 15% to 25% discount on standard AM Resorts Reservation Prices.

If you book an AM Resorts Reservation through us and ADDITIONALLY AGREE TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR UNLIMITED SHARING PROGRAM, by agreeing to attend a 2 hour UVC (Unlimited Vacation Club) membership presentation during your stay at our AM Resort, you will qualify for the following rewards:

A. Extra reduction of 5% to 15% on your already discounted reservation of 15% to 25%.

  1. Pre-Arrival VIP Services.
  2. Discount on Airport transfers.
  3. Preferred Check-in.
  4. Special " Welcome Amenity".
  5. VIP Services during their stay.
  6. 25% discount on Spa Treatments.
  7. 25% discount on wine.
  8. 25% discount on incidentals charged to room.
  9. 25% discount on candle-light dinners.

B. If you also purchase a UVC Membership at a Pearl Member level or higher during your stay at the AM Resort, we will give you a free reservation night according to the Silver Membership assignments. This free night reservation has a valid duration of 2 years.


Giving you the best travel deals with Life Style Holidays Home Resorts is not just simply our motto, but our sincere pledge and commitment to all our customers and clients.

The CEO/Managing Director (Dr. Pedro A. Arrindell) of Crown Dream Holidays LLC is a Chairmen's Club (Highest Membership Level) member of Life Style Holidays Vacation Club [LHVC ] and therefore has the leverage to be highly competitive with reduction of rates for any LHVC Home Resort and thus guarantee the lowest rates at all times beating any competition from the Big Travel Companies such as Expedia, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Trip Advisor & Bookit.com.

You probably will find many discounted offers for LHVC Home Resorts for different type residences on the website of aforementioned big travel companies but they all cannot give you the GOLD BRACELET service level which entails the following:

The aforementioned benefits are just a few of the incentives (extras) you will have if you book through us rather than one of the big travel companies.

Furthermore, we are not only committed in giving you the highest possible Service Level but we pledge at all times to give you a better price (lower price) than any of the discounted prices that the big travel companies are offering at any particular point in time. This means, if you find a discounted price on any particular Big Travel Company's Website for one of our Preferred Home Resorts, rest assured, we will give you a lower price than that discounted price.