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a true Caribbean Dream Vacation with V.I.P. lifestyle amenities for your family, friends and group travel.

V.I.P. Benefits


VIP Extra Benefits at our LHVR Home Resorts

Lifestyle Holidays Resort offers a world of V.I.P experiences that you can choose to add to your vacation to make it that much more special. Below is a list of some of the highlights.


Resort Bars

Night Clubs & Entertainment

Welcome Party:

At Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, all guest are welcome at the VIP WELCOME PARTY which is held only on Sunday evenings from 07:00pm to 10:30pm.

VIP Transportation to and from Puerto Plata Int Airport:

VIP Beach:

As part of the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, members have access to an exclusive area of the Resorts pristine beach V.I.P Beach where they can relax on special loungers soaking up the sun and receive distinctive beachside refreshment services.

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VIP Extra Benefits at AM Resorts/UVC

  1. Pre-Arrival VIP Services.
  2. Discount on Airport transfers.
  3. Preferred Check-in.
  4. Special " Welcome Amenity".
  5. VIP Services during their stay.
  6. 25% discount on Spa Treatments.
  7. 25% discount on wine.
  8. 25% discount on incidentals charged to room.
  9. 25% discount on candle-light dinners.
  10. Discounted reservation rate on their stay (already described at point A)